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I was born in Munich in 1955. My childhood was very much shaped by the shocks and hardships of World War II and post-war period, which my parents and grandparents had experienced. Perhaps because of this, the idea and desire to help and contribute to ease grief and pain grew in me early on. So I became a nurse. I worked as a ward manager at the Clinic in Memmingen, Bavaria for over ten years.

Through the contact with the psychosomatic clinic in Grönenbach, the training in client-centered psychotherapy according to Rogers and further training in rebirthing, I made profound experiences that initiated a long path of personal development. From 1991 to 2000 I worked in the psychosomatic clinic in Grönenbach, a place that enriched me both professionally and personally. There I dedicated myself specifically to the healing of emotionally and sexually traumatized women.

At the same time I got to know Bert Hellinger's systemic constellations in 1993. His work with family systems shaped my further professional and personal career. With Bert Hellinger, Gunthard Weber, Jakob Schneider, Mathias Varga von Kibèd and Sneh Victoria Schnabel, I took further training in constellation work. Peter Levine and Anngwyn St. Just were my teachers in trauma therapy.

In 1995 my husband and I took over the "Glückshof" seminar house in Bavaria. In May 2000 I opened my office for psychotherapy. Family-systemic workshops followed in Germany, Italy and Switzerland.


In 2006 my book "Feuerroter Wandel", a spiritual guide for menopause, was published by Köselverlag.


My husband and I have been living in beautiful Upper Bavaria since 2005. My individual consultations and workshops take place in my office in Bad Tölz and worldwide online. After another five years of studies in Tantric teachings and traditions with Regina König and Hellwig Schinko, a new dimension opened up in my understanding of how much women and men are inhibited and restricted in their sexual understanding of the body by the patriarchal christian religions. From this knowledge I developed yoni constellations for women that deal with the deepest femininity, with its life-giving and cyclical nature. An intensive work that is very close to my heart, fulfills me and always touches me deeply.

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