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Individual Therapy and Coaching


The individual constellation is a powerful tool to heal physical and psychological symptoms and diseases, depression, the consequences of trauma, addictions, relationship disorders and family entanglements. Constellations can also provide solutions for behavioral problems, illnesses or school problems of children. Constellation work in an individual setting is just as effective as in a group.

The individual sessions do not only deal with the limitations and injuries of your own life, but also with the intergenerational trauma of the ancestors. At the same time you will find strength and resources, that serve the development of your own life and potential.


In the constellations the systemic positions are marked with labeled pieces of paper on the floor. As the facilitator of the constellation, I step into all positions one after the other. With my professional perception I collect the information that is substantial for solving the problem.

Step by step, I work with you to develop the solution, in which you can return the burdens of your family of origin and discover new sources of strength within yourself. If a personal trauma in the present or in a previous life is the energetic background of your problem, you will find the solution under my guidance by reintegrating a part of your soul that might still be frozen in the trauma.


The fee for individual therapy with constellation is 150 euros per hour (60 minutes). The appointment can last up to 1.5 or 2 hours.

If you live abroad, book an online-session. The flat rate for an online-session is 250 euros for 1 - 2 hours

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