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Couple Relationship

When men and women meet, two very different worlds meet.

To love, appreciate and highly respect your partner is the best precondition for a happy relationship.

The longing to experience wholeness in a successful relationships brings the love partners together. Unity is the goal, mutual respect is the prerequisite. However, mutual respect in couple relationships can be significantly impaired by personal, intergenerational and collective trauma of the past. Especially religious disrespect of women and the influence of war and other collective conflicts play an important role.

Through the family's energy field, every person is exposed to the consequences of unresolved trauma of the past, such as war and expulsion, early separations by disease and death, grief, despair and guilt. Personal trauma which can have a strong negative influence on couple relationships are, for example, emotional and sexual abuse and experiences of violence.


This kind of destructive dynamite can be found in many relationships. The couple-constellation is an extremely effective method to uncover and resolve personal and trans-generational collective trauma.


The fee for a couple-constellation is 150 euros per hour (60 minutes). The appointment can last up to 1.5 or 2 hours.

If you live abroad, book an online-session. The flat rate for an online-session is 250 euros for 1 - 2 hours

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