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Yoni Constellations



My special offer is addressed to women who want to be in contact with their feminine depth, their sacred place, their divine heritage, their yoni.

In the yoni constellations, the yoni can report its condition, pass on messages and express feelings and emotions.

Very often this sacred place is harmed, tense, frozen and numb by self-experienced or intergenerational trauma. Any experience of sexual abuse, prudish upbringing and a taboo atmosphere in the family and environment, religious denial, disrespect and abuse of the feminine, as well as careless, insensitive sex insult and inhibit the yoni in its development and in its wise, sacred greatness.

A relaxed and fully sensitive yoni gives women self-confidence, attractiveness and courage, confidence and joy, inspiration and creativity, wonderful orgasms and oceanic lust.

Give yourself the wonderful chance to hear the voice of your yoni in a constellation and perceive the messages. Injuries and trauma can be integrated and healed. This allows you to bring your deepest feminine being to a liberated flourishing.

You gain a broader awareness of your own dignity and a clearer self-image. Your sexuality will become more relaxed and fulfilled. In this way the relationship with a love partner becomes more intense and joyful. Your relationships with women and men will be characterized by equality, mutual respect, erotic attraction, sensitivity, creativity and mindfulness.


The fee for a yoni constellation is 150 euros per hour (60 minutes). The appointment can last up to 1.5 or 2 hours.

If you live abroad, book an online-session. The flat rate for an online-session is 250 euros for 1 - 2 hours

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