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Yoni - Divine Legacy


Yoni - Devine Legacy



A female goddess was adored and worshiped by our ancestors since the earliest times of humanity. The goddess's vagina was portrayed and honored in numerous cave and rock paintings. For the vagina of the goddess I choose the more extensive term yoni, a Sanskrit word which means holy source, divine origin. The women were respected and honored as representatives of the goddess. Sexuality was regarded as holy union of women and men and was celebrated. The yoni was adored as a place of tremendous magical powers, since the greatest miracle, new life, arose from it.


Unfortunately, we lost any tradition in which the female vagina played any positive role. It is important for every single woman to learn and understand female history and to open up to the path of healing. This is necessary for being able to stand by yourself as a woman and to recognize and appreciate your own body and its cyclical nature.

To connect to our divine heritage again, to make the yoni visible and bring it into consciousness, I created the yoni constellations. In the constellations a woman can hear the voice of her yoni and understand the messages. In this way she can invite the divine dimension of her femininity into her life.

Goddess Baubo (see right side)

"In the early Greek "Demeter Hymn", Baubo heals the goddess Demeter who, in her grief over the death of her daughter Persephone, refuses to eat and lets the land wither, by showing Demeter her genitals, which makes Demeter laugh.

With this gesture, Baubo reminds Demeter of her own completeness through her ability to give birth, in which life and death, birth and loss are inextricably linked.


This power, very unique to the female, for which the explicit presentation of the vulva must have been the symbol, has been banned and tabooed over the millennia.  Today neither a complete symbolism of the female genitals, independent of the male perspective exists nor a connection to the cyclical processes of nature. The sculpture "Little Baubo" is enthroned in the midst of this tension and invites in a humorous way to take a conciliatory view at the lost naturalness."


Sculpture Baubo and text: Laura Baginski

Baubo hell.jpg

Artist Laura Baginski

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