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 Constellation  Inner Child 

"In childhood many people had not only happy and warm-hearted, but also offending, painful or even traumatic experiences. Some can hardly remember them, others think that their childhood was "normal" or even happy, which often is not true".

Stefanie Stahl in her book "The child in you"

Early imprints of the "inner child" strongly determine the character and self-esteem as an adult. The inner child is an essential part of the unconscious. All fears, worries and hardships are stored there as well as all positive experiences in childhood. Later on the negative imprints have a disturbing effect on all areas in life, for example in couple relationships.

On the unconscious level the inner child has a substantial influence on perception, thinking and acting . The negative experiences in childhood result in inhibiting beliefs that are projected onto the “outside world”, creating uncertain basic trust and unstable self-esteem.

Examples of restrictive beliefs are: "I am minor", "I am not lovable", "I am not okay", "I am helpless and powerless". Most people have multiple beliefs of that kind.


In a system constellation you find this injured part of the soul. You will learn which deep longings and needs are unfulfilled in you and what restrictive beliefs are blocking your life. You will learn how to accept, reconcile, and heal yourself and how to turn your negative beliefs into sources of strength.


The fee for an inner-child-constellation is 150 euros per hour (60 minutes). The appointment can last up to 1.5 or 2 hours.

If you live abroad, book an online-session. The flat rate for an online-session is 250 euros for 1 - 2 hours

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