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Irmgard Rosa Maria Rauscher 

Sa 27.2.21 

 13.00 Uhr - 15.00 Uhr


As part of the International Systemic Constellation Conference 

Feb 25 - Mar 4, 2021 organized by "Australasian Constellation Intensive"

65 presenters, 120 workshops

1 DAY: 126 USD

3 DAYS: 420 USD

7 DAYS: 684 USD

My offer is addressed to women who want to be in contact with their sacred female being, their holy place, their Yoni.

In a Systemic Constellation the Yoni gets a voice, she can tell you about her condition, pass on messages, express feelings and emotions.

In many cases this sacred place is negatively affected, tensed up, frozen and numbed - for instance by individual or transgenerational trauma.

Any experience of sexual abuse, puritanic education and atmosphere at home or in society, religious denial, lack of respect, defamation of femininity and careless, insensitive sex et cetera insult, tense, sedate, hurt and restrain the Yoni in its unfolding and its central importance.

A relaxed and fully sensitive Yoni provides us women with self-esteem, beauty and courage, with inspiration and creativity, with wonderful orgasms and oceanic delight.

Give yourself the extraordinary chance to listen to your Yoni in a systemic constellation, in order to gain essential information about your deepest female nature.

Healed sexuality, deep understanding of yourself, general wellbeing and fulfillment are the best preconditions for a woman to find and create a satisfying relationship to a loving partner, characterized by equality, mutual respect, erotic appeal, peaceful friendship, sensitivity and mindfulness, to be successful in your job and career. 

Was möchte deine Yoni dir sagen?



Anmeldung und Organisation:

Martina Egger


Workshop Yoni-Aufstellungen

in Baslan Südtirol

  28.5. - 30.5.2021

Fr 18 Uhr - So 16.30 Uhr


Das Wochenende in Südtirol ist eine Einladung an alle Frauen, die auf ganz neuem Weg mit ihrer Yoni in Kontakt kommen möchten.

Was braucht die Yoni, um sich für lustvolle Sinnlichkeit und Sexualität öffnen zu können?